Effective Promotion

Many people have web sites built and are disappointed with the results. This is largely due to misconception about marketing of the web site and a lack of a clear marketing strategy. Your web site is a focal point for your business marketing and as such requires a marketing budget.

How do I promote my web site?

On the internet – reach a regional, national or international audience via search engine submission, social media, directory submission, pay per click campaigns, banner advertising on portals frequented by your customers and synergistic links. Internet promotion costs vary depending on the size of audience you wish to attract, basic search engine submission can achieve good placement on a highly specific set of keywords. However to reach your clients with common phrase they are likely yo use requires pay per click advertising, for this reason it is important to ensure that your website looks good, works well, reflects accurately what your business offers to maximise the return on your advertising costs.

Promote your web address like a phone number

Your web address is like your phone number and easier to remember. Miss no opportunity to use it prominently on your stationary, vehicles and promotional ware

Promote your web site in the your advertising

Your web address needs exposure so it becomes a recognised brand. Use it in adverts in the press and other advertising like tv ads. This type of advertising will draw in as much or more traffic than internet promotion

We can help you promote your business on the internet and advise you with regards to other forms of advertising

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