Site Maintenance

There is nothing more annoying than seeing an advert for a company then visiting their site and discovering that the information they are providing is out of date. It costs so little to keep your site up to date that it’s folly not to.

Your web site can be kept up to date by either:

  • running your web site using a database and allowing you to update certain content by simply updating a form within the administration area of your site
  • Alternative we can come and see you every couple of months, find out what’s new and update the site for you

This type of basic maintenance will retain interest levels of potential new customers who visit the site so you don’t waste money on advertising.

Customer led – developing your site

The contents for your site should be prepared to show not what you want to see, but what your customers want to see. Trying to look through your customers eyes is often difficult and so over time we can monitor the traffic to your site and see which stratagems are being successful (i.e. people are looking at them) and which are not. This allows you to modify and extend content over time to better satisfy your audience.

Customer Services

Administration of added value services requires regular attention, however the benefits to retaining and satisfying your customers is immense. Again your site can be designed to allow you to administrate services on your web site on a daily or weekly basis alternatively, we can take control of tasks such as emailing, sms mailing, customer services etc on your behalf so you don’t need to worry about them, they just get done.

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